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RideOut provides an ease of flexibility. RideOut users can find their desired rides and co-passengers with just a few clicks.


RideOut provides with the facility of reliability. Ride Id and Book Id Alloted to Passengers does the work.

Overall efficiency

RideOut provides the overall efficiency as the rideout users enjoy its smooth working.                   

Who we are and what we do

We are an environmentally conscious organisation that provides safe carpooling solutions with the aim of reducing the burden on the environment and the economy.We provide a safe and up-to-date web application for conscientious citizens to exchange relevant information, based on which they can find suitable and safe carpooling options. We are a reliable platform for people to connect for the purpose of sharing a ride and thereby, share the cost of travel.

Easy Booking

We provide a platform for easy booking,alteration and if you change your plan,we don't charge you anything.

Work for Society

As a good citizen, we give ten percent of what we get from you to ISHA foundation for a better society.


You're in control

Verified member profiles and their ride Ids mean you know exactly who you're travelling with.

Carpool with confidence

Book Id and Ride Id allotment adds another level of security to member profiles.

Get going faster

No need to travel across town, catch a ride leaving near you

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Reduce Traffic

Carpooling is also seen as an environmental friendly way to travel as sharing journeys reduces air pollution, traffic congestion, and parking space. If you carpool to and from work you would probably cut your transportation emissions number in half,or even better. Every carpooling participant takes another car off the road , which means less congested roads and highways


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Save Money

By splitting the fare, you will save your money See what other carpoolers are spending on routes and destinations you might be interested in.





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Save Fuel

You can save money on gas and such by diving up the gas fees among your carpool passengers. The more people you have the more you can save.Carpooling also helps you save on the cost of vehicle repairs and maintenance if you rotate vehicle use between the members of your carpool team.


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Save Green

Carpooling will reduce Vehicle Emissions,traffic volumes and Congestion, thereby helping in going Green. Carpooling will help in reducing travel expenses, need for a second car, improved travel time. Carpooling Reduces vehicular pollution (benefits local citizens), Green House Gas emissions,road rage investment in transport infrastructure

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Rahul Kumar

Full Stack Developer & Database Manager


Lakshit Garg

Database Administrator


Pratyush Agarwal

Back End Developer


Shivam Agarwal

Database Administrator

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